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345 Comments on “Submit Your Ideas”

          1. My wife was a professional belly dancer. Tribal belly dance. There definitely should be multiple dance emojis. You guys underestimate how popular dance is with kids and adults . Especially women who love the emojis. Make it happen.

          1. Yesss I just requested it a mens and womens stick. I have been thinking we need one since the release of the field hockey stick

        1. They don’t even have a baseball bat, get real. Don’t put a baseball bat in long before a lacrosse stick. I love lacrosse because my wife played it professionally. But I played baseball in college/milb. Baseball is way better. And way way more popular in the world

          1. That’s actually not true at all lacrosse originates from 1636 which is a long time after the first 10 sports were created.

      1. I think there should na an option for a redhead emoji bc there aren’t any also there should be a + That would be nice along with a lip bite and face palm

        1. I just requested one for a redhead! Can’t believe they haven’t fixed that one by now!

    1. Yes! But i think vineyard vines would have to agree to it, same with the mickey mouse silhouette that I want. And I want the Disney D also.

      1. yes definitely and a crossing fingers one because I could’ve used it so many times already and the slapping the forehead one. These are both genius.

        1. You kno what would be 100x better for you orsnge lovers or those who have a loved one who love orange? An orange love heart! Like wtf? There is a red a yellow a blue a purple a pink even a black, but no god damn orange.


  1. Hi, i have been looking and searching high and low for a specific emoji,one that i know for a fact will be used broadly and loved by everyone who uses emoji’s, but i have not found it. The idea that i have i know will be one that you will love! How do i go about speaking with someone about this idea?

        1. Yay to pug emoji! I just have difficulties with Samsung emojis looking like they are supposed to when placed in Facebook and other places.

    1. Hi Susanna, I’m Peter and I agree with the cross and Jesus idea because I am a Christian and proud of it. I am thankful for Jesus’ sacrifice to us. If you too are a Christian then I am glad

  2. Taco, water bottle, orange heart, black heart, plain pink heart, dumbbell or Olympic bar, cheese, heart eye emoji with tears, middle finger, black cat, shark, salad, cactus, gas gauge, carrot, broccoli, devil horns hand.

    1. I need a red hair with white skin. And brown hair with white skin. There’s none and my my is white with red hair and I’m white with dark brown.
      Thx emoji ppl

  3. We need boob emoji and especially breastfeeding ones. If its ok to put bottle emojis out there but not breastfeeding ones thats discrimination. That or remove the bottle

    Also babywearing and cloth nappie emoji wpuld be ace

  4. How about something for breastfeeding? It’s so strange to always see bottles everywhere when people are announcing a baby etc when you don’t even need them for a baby! As an exclusively breastfeeding mother, I find it quite backwards that I can’t demonstrate this in emoji form yet I could depict a bottle, despite the fact that breasts came first! Thanks for considering 🙂

  5. Comment: I think a butterfly emoji would lovely addition to the emoji world. I know of a few people who’d love to be able to use it already.

  6. Also I saw a mosque and prayer beads… What about a Catholic church & rosary Beads? Or real praying hands! Shouldn’t offend anyone since the other religions are there, too!

  7. Bigfoot
    Loch Ness monster
    different types of guns (not just the plain revolver that’s been on there for forever), different police
    sheriff badge
    Hunting scene
    Guy weightlifter
    More instruments

  8. Hawaiian Flag emoji as Hawaii is still supposed to be an Independent nation illegally overthrown by the United States Navy. If the Samoans and New Zealand Islanders get a flag emoji what about the “50th State” I need a flag to represent to my People the Flag proclaimed by our last King Kalakaua. Please hear my call and may someone listen Aloha.

  9. Fingers Crossed! Please oh please make a fingers crossed emoji!! …… Umm here is where I would enter my “Fingers Crossed emoji” if they only had one!

    1. This is what i came here for. I surprised it doesn’t already exist. The back side of a hand with the middle finger crossed overthe index finger.

      I need Fingers Crossed Emoji in my life.

      1. So am I that’s so like what I do home alone when I look up Porn OMG ROFL you so sly and sexy you I really like

    1. Omg yes a sloth is a must! This has my daughter ALL OVER IT! I say hurry and we turn to sloth m.o.d.e.!!!!’ Wahhhhh

    1. Yes! It’s bad when there are so many Emoji faces to choose from but none that fit the emotion you want to convey.

      Too many sadness variations. Need more variety and One Raised Eyebrow is one of them!

  10. Please create an “I Love You” sign in sign language. It’s very similar to But the thumb is out pointed to right. Thank you for consideration.

  11. Can you make some ginger (red head) emoji. There are black,brown and bling emoji why not add a ginger for us gingers to use

    1. Thats already a thing. there is a dog. But it should have different breeds of dogs. like poodles and labradors and retrievers, and Westies and dashunds.

  12. People want fitness emojis like yoga poses, lifting weights, etc….
    We want an OM symbol
    Common dog breed emojis like pugs, German Shepard, bulldog, poodle etc..
    Glue bottle
    Tv emoji
    Movie emoji

    1. Not sure about iPhone, but android recently update their emojis and there are currently a guy lifting weights emoji and I think there’s been a tv emoji and a movie emoji . Also, they added the om symbol . I like your idea about the different kinds of dog breeds.

  13. My emoji idea is based on the cancer ribbons.() I currently have a friend who is 22 and just diagnosed with leukemia. Her campaign to spread awareness is #TeamBrittni. It is all over the place from our tweets, Twitter bios, Instagram bios, and all over Facebook. I would love this hashtag #TeamBrittni to be complete followed by the orange ribbon (color for leukemia). Not only orange, but any color. Just how we can change the colors of the skin in emojis by pressing down and scrolling, this should be an option for the ribbon emoji

    1. Yes! I have a friend who is currently battling osteosarcoma and one with lung cancer! We need ribbon emojis!

  14. shark emoji. how do I have 2 whales and no sharks. i have a FLOPPY DISK and no shark. three different styles of file folders and no sharks. plese bring this to the board. my sharkless life is inadequate and emotionally draining

  15. STRAIGHTJACKET EMOJI going crazy or driven mad
    Thought there’d be a horse shoe or fingers crossed or pot of gold at the end of a rainbow…
    TECHNOPHOBE EMOJI…not sure how you do it – it’s kinda the anti-emoji..
    And finally… TRAFFIC FINE EMOJI… For when youre pulled over by police booked & fined – more than likely for sending emoji’s while driving…

  16. Yo us gingers need ginger emojis.. We ahve blonde, black, and brown emojis but why none for us gingers?? Discrimination!

  17. Shark
    Better tent
    Dog breeds
    Fortune cookie
    The “Shocker” hand
    Face throwing up
    Different color/ race couples/families
    Trucker hat
    Pot leaf
    champagne in a glass
    Rainbow trout
    Birds of prey
    Dog food
    Chinese food boxes
    T-bone steak
    Whole chicken (for cooking/roasting)
    “No alcohol/drinking” symbol
    Female and male symbols
    ASL hand signals- alphabet, “I Love You”, etc.
    Hang loose
    Person doing yoga, yoga poses (down dog, tree)
    OM symbol
    Baseball bat
    Baseball player
    Arab in turban
    Dog bone
    Boxing gloves

  18. Can we please get a cute little CUPCAKE emoji?!? There’s a cake and a slice of cake… But no cupcake???? Pastry chefs… 2 Broke Girls… Cupcake Wars… Cupcake lovers… We need a cupcake emoji!! Get rid of the slice of cake and replace it with a cupcake!!!! Do it! Do it!!

  19. how about:

    jazz hands ! (two little hands wearing white gloves)
    crossed fingers
    over a barrel

    that’d be good 🙂

  20. 1. Hug-emoji (arms wide open?).
    2. The “Ooops-emoji with laughing eyes” –> Where did it go? I want it back.
    3. Blushing or shy emoji

  21. Yo it’s the realest here I right be thinkin you all cool yo cause I like y’all also I’m high on some blue powder so you know what was I saying yo really yo I like you you my you my guys and gals yo

    what about a universal emoji to indicate all music genres and sub emojis for each genre then sub sub emojis then sub sub sub emojis for example like “ambient emo core horror pop hip hop” then we could eventually make sub sub sub sub sub sub sub emojis and so forth

  22. Please add a lacrosse stick emoji! It’s practically the only sport that’s not there and it’s the only sport I play

  23. I think there should be a firefly emoji and I think that you should be able to chang the color of the eye emoji and you should be able to change the hairstyles on the people

  24. Yes to the head slapping and butt emoji pls lol though i too use the peach .poor fruit. . And an open hand prayer one, u know…the one with both hands facing up?

  25. TOOTH emoji!!!!!!! My 7yr old just lost another tooth, would love to have a tooth emoji to send to family along with a pic!!

  26. There should be an armed forces one like army clothing etc

    And bring back the proper gun one, not all guns are used for bad things, good things happen from them too. They need more versions rather than just having a WATER gun it’s a bit pathetic

    1. I agree!! They should at least add a ‘water pistol’ emoji so the water pistol images currently used for actual pistols become used for the water pistol emoji and actual pistols are used for pistols!!

  27. Soldier emoji please.!! Of course all shades, and maybe their boots as well and dog tags.!! As a wife Of a soldier I’d use them very often along with other families like mine

  28. I don’t need something fancy, but I’m missing an emoji for something really basic: *cleaning up*
    a hoover, bucket, sponge, a person cleaning up, an emoji for clean and dirty.

  29. I’m also missing a simple emoji for green grass or lawn/meadows.
    Some other basic landscapes are missing as well like a lake, river, …

  30. White Glove
    Yellow Cleaning Glove
    Bottle or Cup of Water
    Jet Ski
    Jet Pack
    Microwave or Stove/ Oven
    Gold Tooth
    Pickup Truck
    Cowboy Boots
    House Slippers
    Bar of Gold (talent)
    Horse & Buggy
    Horse & Carriage
    Scuba Diver
    Silver Platter
    Tea Kettle

  31. Pink Floyd emoji. They are the best band ever at world wide levels. And they stand for peace and humanity to all. Millions would support this idea. For the emoji – The triangular prism from Dark side of the Moon.

  32. I think there should be each flag for each member of the LGBTQ+ community. There is already the rainbow pride flag and the transgender flag, but it would be nice if there are some of the other flags too. I’m bisexual and I have a friend that is Pansexual and a friend that is questioning her being Asexual, but there are also a lot of other flags that would be nice to have. And also a grey heart please because there is every common color except grey. and also maybe a plain pink?

  33. – Fire Eye Emoji
    – Handcuffs Emoji
    – Allow all phones to have Fire Heart
    – Pink Heart Emoji
    – Equal Sign Emoji
    – House on Fire Emoji

  34. Cargo bicycles and people cycling in normal clothes please (to remind everyone it’s a mode of transport)! And a “no car” sign as there is a no “cycling” sign.

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