May 2017 – CNET mentions Emoji Dictionary

May 2017 – Wired mentions Emoji Dictionary in THE EMOJI MOVIE MISSES THE POINT OF EMOJI

March 2017 – FOX News references Emoji Dictionary as a tool to understand Gang Member Emoji use.

February 2017 –  Gray Area Incubator Showcase features about the Emoji Foundation’s VR game EmojiFlower VR 😀🌺!

February 2017 –  Litmus blog cites Emoji Foundation

Harness the Power of Emojis in Your Inbox

November 2016 –  The Associated Press did a video interview about the Emoji Foundation’s VR game, 😀🌺 and  Buzzfeed covered my talk, Confessions of an Emoji Artist.

““I would argue that the new emoji are too detailed,” artist Niki Selken said during a talk that touched on, among other things, how the brain interprets alphabetic language differently from emojis. “Designers are upset.” In the back of the room, people spontaneously applauded.

October 2016 – Niki Selken is speaking and presenting artwork at the first annual Emojicon.

September 2016 – Desert News- Yes, boomers and millennials can—and should—learn to speak the same language

July 2016 – CNBC mentions Emoji Foundation’s Emoji Dictionary.

May 2016 – Motherboard mentions our favorite Emoji request ever!

May 2015 – Communication without language: Radio Interview with Kelly Higgins-Devine and Niki Selken on ABC Radio National show Afternoons.

April 2015 – The language of Emoji: Radio Interview with Anthony Funnell and Niki Selken on ABC Radio National show Future Tense.

April 2014 – Yahoo Tech features my Emoji art and ideas.

Niki Selken, an emoji experimenter and co-founder of the World Translation Foundation at, says this was a turning point, allowing Apple and Google to share the same set of characters. “Another factor is that we have a culture which is changing in the way people communicate,” Selken says. With more digital (as opposed to face-to-face) communication, subtext can get lost.

April 2014 – WTF co-founder Cara Defabio’s Game of Phones video Is being talked about on…

New York Magazine

If you’re hoping to catch up on Game of Thrones before its season four premiere this weekend, but all those words and videos just won’t do it, how about some emoji? Cara Rose DeFabio recapped the show’s third season (Red Wedding and all) using her iPhone’s native language, and it’ll give you the general idea of what happened. Lots of skulls in this one.


Game of Phones is wonderful. And pretty accurate!


Set to the HBO show’s theme, the clip doesn’t hit on every highlight of last season, but it does touch on Jon Snow’s love affair with Ygritte, as well as Daenerys Targaryen and her army of Unsullied and (of course) the Red Wedding. This isn’t the first emoji recap by Cara Rose DeFabio—she also did “Melroji Place” last year, though this one really intensifies our desire for emoji sigils.