The New Emoji of Unicode 14.0 Are Coming Soon

Emoji 14.0 has includes quite a few new Emoji which will be coming soon to smartphones everywhere! Unicode 14 has arrived, and the Unicode foundation has confirmed the addition of all of these new emoji with the next release. There are 37 new emoji ready for the next iphone update.

What New Emoji from 14.0 Are We Excited About?

Mirror Ball Emoji
Bubble Emoji

At Emoji Foundation we are excited about the bubble emoji, because it is long overdue and iridescent. And speaking of things that are shiny, there is also a mirror ball.

Face Holding Back Tears Emoji
Low Battery Emoji

We foresee the low battery and eyes brimming with tears being crowd pleasers and personal daily use Emoji. As they both are useful for expressing everyday feelings. Who hasn’t felt like they had low batteries and and needed a recharge? Similarly, I picture the eyes brimming with tears as a popular Tiktok video response in the days to come.

The New 14.0 Emoji Set

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