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EmojiVR at Emojicon


We were pleased to present EmojiFlower at Emojicon 2016 this weekend! Its the first annual Emoji conference. Emojicon was a magical, exhausting, hilarious mess of fun. I arrived and set up the VR booth after one whole week of NONSTOP coding on my game. I was delighted to meet some of my Emoji contemporaries like Jeremy Burge of…

World Translation Foundation at Emojicon this weekend!


A CELEBRATION OF ALL THINGS EMOJI NOVEMBER 4-6, 2016 BESPOKE AT WESTFIELD MALL · SAN FRANCISCO Niki Selken of World Translation Foundation will be presenting Confessions of an Emoji Artist 🙈🙉🙊 Emoji Art is taking center stage in the art world. Learn about the major works of Emoji art through the lens and work of…

Oxford’s word of the Year is an Emoji!


It’s a historic moment of recognition for little images that have been gaining popularity since 1999 Oxford Dictionaries made history on Monday by announcing that their “Word of the Year” would not be one of those old-fashioned, string-of-letters-type words at all. The flag their editors are planting to sum up who we were in 2015…

The greatest Emoji request we have ever recieved.

Name: Deezy the Trap King Comment: Dear Emoji people, First off, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for inventing, what I think is, the greatest contribution to modern communication. The Emoji. However…. WHERE THE FUCK IS THE DINOSAUR EMOJI!? YOU’VE HAD LIKE 16 GOD DAMN UPDATES ADDING NEW SHIT THAT…

Emoji in Fashion!

ALEX S. YU is a young designer of a womenswear brand made with dream and love. ALEX S. YU creates garments that explore the fine line between reality and fantasy. The brand rollicks the happy emotions of childhood, nostalgia and wanderlust, while pondering the very definition of femininity in a modern, quirky way through garments.

Mikei Huang designed the series of emoji patterns referencing Wong Kar Wai’s 1994 movie Chungking Express.

Its World Emoji Day!!


Join in the celebration on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #WorldEmojiDay. 🙋 Why July 17? July 17 1 is famously displayed on the iOS Calendar Emoji, which makes it perfect date for World Emoji Day. Even if you are using a system with a different calendar emoji, that shouldn’t stop you joining in the global celebration of emoji. Lets do…

Emoji Insights: How Emoji express heterosexism


I was out to dinner last night with a group of friends, with a large spectrum of sexual orientations: straight, gay, lesbian, and flexible. We got to talking about how it was often hard for women, trans people, or bisexuals in a relationship to be taken seriously, or to even be seen as “gay” by others. More often than not, most bars and clubs for the queer community cater to gay men with the off ladies night. Moreover, unless women look and or dress a certain way (like Ellen) they are often not considered “Gay Enough.” They become invisible and overlooked and even denied their relationship status by many people. How does this relate to emoji?

Emojiland is now

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 3.57.17 PM

Galit Lurya and Niki Selken, of World Translation Foundation, have been working on experiments with Emoji and Node.js. Behold Emojiland is born. Galit Lurya and Niki Selken, of World Translation Foundation, have been working on experiments with Emoji and Node.js. Behold Emojiland is born. Now you can “chat” with your friends by moving Emoji around…

New Diverse Emoji Set Announced Today

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 11.05.12 PM

The Unicode Foundation announced today that they will be addressing the lack of diversity in the current Emoji set. Their solution involves five new skin tone shade based on the Fitzpatrick scale. 5 symbol modifier characters that provide for a range of skin tones for human emoji. These characters are based on the six tones…